Library Cards

Library cards must be presented each time you wish to check out library materials. Replacement cards cost $2.00.


Residents of the town of Camden, as well as residents of Jackson Township, are eligible for a free library card, which will allow them to take advantage of the services offered by the Camden Library as well as some services offered by the Flora and Delphi libraries, due to our reciprocal borrowing policies.

Residents of Liberty Township are eligible for a Camden library card, which gives them full access to all services offered by the Camden Library. Residents of Liberty Township are not eligible to take advantage of any services offered at the Flora or Delphi libraries that are made available due to our reciprocal borrowing policies.

Non-residents may purchase a non-resident card  to access materials and services available at the Camden Library. The card fee is $45.50 for an individual card.  Washington Township residents are eligible for a reimbursement for 1/2 of the annual fee.

PLAC cards may be purchased at the Camden Library for a fee of $65. A PLAC card allows holders to borrow materials from any other library in the State of Indiana. In order to purchase a PLAC card, you must first be eligible for a Camden library card, or you must purchase a non-resident card for $45.50.


Adults: To obtain Camden library card, you must bring in a picture ID that shows your local address. You may use either a driver’s license or a valid Indiana State ID.

If your picture ID does not have a current local address, you must also present one of the following:

  • Valid voter’s registration card
  • Valid current government issued ID (i.e. military ID or passport)
  • Recent bank statement (last 60 days)
  • Recent (last 60 days) utility bill
  • Property Tax receipt

Children: You must be 6 years old in order to obtain a Camden library card.

Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent, stepparent, or legal guardian complete the adult portion of the DVD agreement form before a library card will be issued. The adult must show a valid Camden library card or a valid picture ID showing proof of residency. Adults must be present in the library and fill out the required forms for their children, and show the proper identification before a library cards will be issued to minors.

Children may check out videos, DVDs, or audio materials only if they have a Video/DVD agreement form, signed by a parent, stepparent, or legal guardian, on file with the library. Parents are responsible for knowing what materials their children are checking out from the library. The library is not responsible for monitoring the materials that children check out from our collection.