The library utilizes the services of the Evergreen Indiana  Open Source Integrated Library System as a member of its consortium.  Through Evergreen the library is able to not only access information online about its own collection; though also about other member library collections.  The consortium allows patrons to place requests for materials that transit through the courier.  Thus, the Evergreen’s circulation policy pertains to this library.  There may be different settings found at other libraries, such as check out limits or restrictions and whether or not particular formats circulate outside of the library member’s physical boundaries; though, generally most details remain the same.  You will need to check with each member library for any discrepancies that may be involved.  Evergreen’s circulation policy may be found here:  Evergreen-Indiana-Circulation-Policy

The Camden Collection Development Policy is strictly in-house and may be found here:  Section 2. Camden Collection Development.  If you would like to request reconsideration of materials, the reconsideration form may be found here:  Camden Reconsideration of Materials Form. The request for materials may be found here:  Patron Request Form.

Forms may be submitted through email at