The library has 3 computers that allow access to the Internet. Adult patrons must sign the Internet & computer use agreement to be allowed to use the computers. Children 12 and older must have a parent, stepparent, or legal guardian sign the minor patron computer use form, in person in the library, before being allowed to use the computers. Children 12 and under may only use these computers with parental supervision.

Patrons must agree to abide by the following computer use guidelines:

1. You may save files to the library computers and to USB drives, but you may not install programs. Files that are saved to the computer hard drive will be accessible to all library patrons after you leave; if it is a private document, you are responsible for deleting it.

2. You may not use our computers to violate U.S. copyright laws by illegally downloading images, music, text, movies, or other online media.

3. You may not use our computers to violate the rights of or harass other people through email, chat rooms, or any other social media interface.

4. If you view something on the library computer screens that is offensive, you will be asked to leave that site immediately. The links you follow are your responsibility.

5. The library director and/or library staff may terminate your computer and Internet access if you violate these rules.

The 2 children’s computers, which run software and games for children, do not have Internet access.