Items are allowed a one day grace period after their due date before a fine is charged. Overdue materials are charged 25 cents a day per item, for a maximum charge of $10 per item. 

Overdue Notices:

We send reminder notices via email before your items are due. If possible, we highly recommend you have a valid email on record with the library.

The following are sent via email:

  • A reminder notice 3 days before an item is due
  • Notice on the day an item is due
  • Notice 14 days after an item is due
  • Notice 28 days after an item is due
  • Bill notice 45 days after an item is due

The following are sent via regular mail:

  • Notice 14 days after an item is due
  • Notice 28 days after an item is due
  • Bill notice 45 days after an item is due

Once an item has been billed, and the bill has been paid, the amount may not be refunded if the patron returns the item. All bills include a $10 processing fee in addition to the cost of the item and any overdue fines that are owed.

Loss of Privileges:

Patron accounts will be blocked, that is, they will no longer have the ability to check out new materials, under the following conditions:

  • Patrons have 15 or more items overdue
  • Patrons owe $10 or more in overdue fines

These policies are set by the Evergreen Consortium.

Fine Reduction Policies

Food for Fines Policy

The Camden Library will collect unexpired, non-perishable food items to be donated to the First Baptist Church of Camden food drive efforts during the holiday season for the total remission of fines held at the Camden Library.  This remission excludes the remission of fines held with other member libraries within the Evergreen Consortium.  This will be a one-time annual event held at the Camden Library and will not be repeated throughout the year.

Fine Read Off Policy

To promote continued reading, the library offers patrons of all ages the opportunity to reduce their fines by reading.  Patrons wishing to read off their fines must identify their wish at the circulation desk in order to receive credit for time spent reading.  The read off credit is as follows:

  • 15 minutes = 25¢
  • 30 minutes =50¢
  • 45 minutes = 75¢
  • 60 minutes = $1

There is no limit on fine reduction; thus, the patron may continue reading off their fines until the fine is reduced completely.